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Marquetry is a woodworking artform in which pieces of thin wood veneer are cut into shapes and adhered together to form a picture or pattern on a surface. The picture or pattern is placed onto or set into the entire surface, either inlayed, or made with a border built around the marquetry design, or borderless and cut the same size as the background board, so what results is a flat design that then gets sanded and polished.

In addition to pieces of wood veneer, bone, ivory, glass, precious metal or other fine materials can be used to create the marquetry design. In ancient times marquetry was mainly used to decorate the surface of fine furniture but now it is used for many purposes including purely decorative art. Parquetry is a form of marquetry but with parquetry the pieces of wood veneer are cut into geometric shapes that repeat to form a tiled design, such as used to make parquet flooring.

This category covers both marquetry and parquetry. You can find marquetry tutorials, tips, techniques and other information about marquetry. Also marquetry supplies, tools and patterns for sale and online shops selling finished handmade decorative and functional items done in marquetry.

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