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Fretwork is a woodworking technique that involves using a scroll saw or other specialty fretwork tools to cut intricate designs in wood. The designs are many times geometrical and used as ornamental trim on clocks, shelves, etc. Other times they depict animals or other objects. The technique involves cutting away small bits of wood from the interior of the design, the wood not cut away becoming the final piece. Fretwork or filigree fretwork can also be used to describe the same type of intricate design worked in metal or other materials. Fretwork in wood is often referred to as scroll sawing or fine scroll sawing but fretwork is just one woodworking technique that can be done with a scroll saw.

This category covers fretwork done in wood. You can find free scroll saw fretwork patterns, tips, techniques and other information about fretwork. Also supplies, tools and patterns for sale and online shops selling finished handmade decorative and functional items done in fretwork.

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