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Tapestry involves creating an image or patterned design by hand weaving using the method of weaving weft threads back and forth through the warp threads which are attached either horizontally or vertically to a loom. It is the weft threads that show on the finished tapestry since they completely cover the warp threads.

Needlepoint on a canvas where the thread completely covers the canvas is not "true" tapestry because with tapestry you create the surface as you weave but with needlepoint you start with a canvas surface and cover it with thread. When intended to resemble the look of a small tapestry, needlepoint is sometimes referred to as tapestry needlepoint. See also needlepoint tapestry.

In this category you can find links to hand woven tapestries by various artists available for purchase, supplies for weaving your own tapestries, along with general information about tapestry.

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