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Needlework describes any type of craft that requires the use of needles. This category contains links to sites that contain information about a variety of needlework crafts or sell supplies for many different types of needlework. Specific types of needlework such as cross stitch, knitting, and sewing can be found among the categories in the right hand column.

See Also: Applique ; Cross Stitch ; Embroidery ; Knitting ; Needlepunch ; Quilting ; Sewing ; Stitchery

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Needle Felting (28)
Needle felting involves using special barbed felting needles...
Needlepoint (39)
Needlepoint is decorative needlework on canvas usually in a ...
Needlepoint Tapestry (5)
Needlepoint tapestry is a type of needlework where a canvas ...
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