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aka Chinese Knotting - Remember to !

Macramé is a crafting technique that involves weaving and knotting cord to form a pattern.

Although sometimes referred to as 'Chinese knotting', the history of macramé dates back long before it was discovered in China. It is believed to have had originated in Arabia during the 13th century. When the Moors conquered Spain in 711 AD, they brought this artform with them. From Spain, it spread to other European countries. Sailors then picked up on the technique and kept it alive over the years. While out to sea, these sailors would knot thick twine into decorated pieces that could be sold or traded went they went ashore. The technique was first discovered in China through these sailors.

This category contains free how-to information about macrame, project instructions, and picture galleries, macramé supplies, as well as links to online craft shops offering handmade macramé items.

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  • macramé suppliesKing's Kountry Macrame-- Macrame and lawn chair weaving supplies and patterns from King's Kountry, manufacturer of Braided Elegance Macrame Cord.

  • macramé informationIntroduction to Macramé-- This page contains an introduction to the craft of macramé and links to my pages showing instructions for macramé knots.

  • macramé Macrame supplies and accessories. We offer the best line of macrame cords including bonnie braid, holly twist and amy cord. Complete selection of accessories including aluminum chair frames, beads, jute, hemp, books, patterns, brass rings, crochet hooks, and project boards.

  • macramé informationReal Knots-- How to tie knots in rope. Knotting instructions with clear knot descriptions and drawings.

  • shop for macramé itemsRumi Sumac Macrame Jewelry-- Hand made silver, alpaca, and macrame jewelry by Coco Paniora Salinas. Beautiful photos of the jewelry and a brief description of the process he uses to make the jewelry.

  • macramé suppliesmacramé - Free Project Page-- Macrame supplies and accessories. We offer the best line of macrame cords including bonnie braid, holly twist and amy cord. Complete selection of accessories including aluminum chair frames, beads, jute, hemp, books, patterns, brass rings, crochet hooks, and project boards.

  • macrame shopMacramenia!-- Macrame with a twist! Macrame plant hangers and macrame owls plus indoor plant care.

  • macramé informationMacrame Disaster-- The following story is absolutely true. Do not attempt to duplicate the arts and crafts projects depicted within these pages.

  • macramé suppliesKnotting Ways UK-- A place to find all your micro-macrame needs,threads and tools based in the UK.

  • shop for macramé itemsSeptember's Child-- Handcrafted macrame art by Elena Springett. Wearable art, plant hangers, wall hangings, car charms and more.

  • macramé informationIGKT: International Guild of Knot Tyers-- The International Guild of Knot Tyers is an association of people with interests in knots and knotting techniques of all kinds.

  • shop for macramé itemsKnotz Made-- Quality Made to Order Macrame Plant Hangers. All sizes and lots of colors to choose from. Various sales throughout the year.

  • macramé informationMacrame' Bracelet Project-- Dozens and dozens of beautiful, absolutely FREE jewelry/crafts projects! Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and some stuff that will surprise you. We're always adding more, so bookmark it and check back often.

  • shop for macramé itemsmacramé suppliesMacrame Magic-- We offer 36 macrame hanger designs all available in 74 stunning colors and lengths to suit your needs ranging from 24" up to 60". Finished plant hangers, kits to make your own and other macrame supplies.

  • macramé suppliesJewels in Fiber-- Carries micro macrame and kumihimo jewelry making supplies and kits.

  • macramé suppliesDemure Designs-- Demure Designs represents my modern interpretation of the vintage tradition of knot tying, or macrame. Here you will find classic and elegant patterns to make micro macrame jewelry.

  • macramé informationChinese Knotting Home Page-- Information and instructions on Chinese knotting.

  • shop for macramé itemsAmbermoon Designs-- Galleries and on-line shop for beautiful macrame gemstone jewelry by Australian-based artisan, Polly Ambermoon. Unique handwoven necklaces, chokers, rings and earrings are showcased. Custom-made orders are available.

  • macramé informationMacrame Owl-- This organisation is dedicated to saving, rehabilitating and reviving the macramé owl.

  • macramé suppliesKnotMore-- KnotMore carries all 75 colors of Settanyl waxed polyester macrame cord from Brazil on 175 yard spools.

  • macramé Macrame Projects for kids and teens.

  • shop for macramé itemsHandcrafted by Elaine-- My Web gallery of handcrafted macrame jewelry and wall hangings shows some of my wall hangings, chokers, one-of-a-kind necklaces, Y necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and sterling silver jewelry.

  • macramé suppliesCarol's Rugs and Supplies-- Macrame cord (Bonnie Braid, Holly Twist, Amy, and lots of discount cords, too), chair frames, patterns for making lawn chairs (including many out of print ones).

  • macramé informationMacrame Owls-- Photo gallery of macramé owls.

  • macramé suppliesSunshine Discount Crafts-- Sunshine Discount Crafts offers Deep Discounts on 14,000 craft supply items. Dolls, clays, beads, macrame, soap making, candle making, and so much more. Check out our Free projects. Serving crafters for over 20 years. Big Selection - Great Service.

  • shop for macramé itemsMacrame Boutique-- Showcase of exquisite jewelry designed by Irina Serbina, a macramé artist from Silicon Valley. These one-of-a-kind pieces are not just a stylish necklace, but unique artifacts, hand knotted in renovated macramé technique with natural stones.


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