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Highlights & Updates:

Thursday, December 12th, 2013
Our quilt patterns category has been updated and many new links have been added. Find many, many wonderful and free quilting patterns from a variety of designers.

Craft Site Directory: Quilt Patterns

Friday, December 6th, 2013
This site was a fun find today! Artsonia is a place where kids can post their artwork online. It is set up just like a "real art gallery" and a great learning experience for students or any child K-12.

Found in this category:
Art Galleries

Our 'sewing patterns' category was updated today with many new links. If you love to sew, you'll love these links. Also remember to check other sections of this site for sewing patterns. For example, if you are looking for patterns to sew clothing, see our 'Apparel' category. If you are looking for sewing patterns to make your own hand bags, check out the 'Handbags' category. We also have a separate category just for quilt sewing patterns and a category just for cloth doll making patterns...

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013
Can you imagine the joy on a child's face to wake up on Christmas morning and find a toy like this? What a difference between something like this and the manufactured toy cars and trucks sold in department stores. Take a look through the customer corner gallery and you will see that these toys will make a 94 year old boy/grandpa smile!!

Toys and Joys
Found in this category:
Woodworking Plans

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
During routine manual reviews of the links here, it is difficult to avoid distractions. Some of the art and craftwork just seems to lead you down a path. Then, next thing you know, you haven't gotten your work done, and have missed your lunch break. Though, I would not call the work required to maintain the links here actually work. Just look at today's great finds and you'll see why!

Woolie Dales
These little woolen sculptures are so cute!!
Found in this category:

Woodcut Maps
Each design is so unique and personal to the buyer.
Found in this category:

Monday, November 18th, 2013
Craft magazines aren't just something great to receive in the mail, have you visited any of their websites lately? There is so much more to do than just subscribe! Check out the online version of your favorite crafting magazines and you'll be surprised by all the free information you can find!

Craft Site Directory - Magazines
Knitting Magazines
Quilting Magazines
Woodworking Magazines

Friday, November 15th, 2013
Looking though the newly updated jewelry making category, it is amazing to see how many different techniques artists and crafts utilize. You can find quilted jewelry, paper jewelry, embroidered, crocheted, macrame, metal clay, polymer clay, lampwork, and the list goes on! Check out these featured websites from our jewelry making category to see interesting and unique jewelry by talented artisans.

Me & My Stitches(quilted jewelry)
Iva Concepts(embroidered jewelry)
Paper Jewels(paper jewelry)

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
Looking to get away on a relaxing, crafty vacation? The links in our new 'Art and Craft Retreats' category will help you find the perfect location. Find all the information you need to plan a weekend, or week long, crafting retreat. Find retreats for groups or individuals.

Craft Site Directory - Retreats

Friday, November 8th, 2013
Both our crocheting and knitting categories have been updated! You will find tutorials covering all aspects of crocheting and knitting, from beginner to advanced. You will also find a seemingly endless supply of free knitting and crocheting patterns. Be sure to also visit the various sub-categories such as amigurumi and knitting supplies.

Craft Site Directory - Crocheting
Craft Site Directory - Knitting

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
Cross stitch, cross stitch and more cross stitch! Our cross stitch section has really grown over the years. We normally try to place all the best links on page 1 of a category but there are so many incredible sites in the cross stitch category that you'll need to look beyond the first page to visit them all! Be sure to bookmark the page so you can get back to it as time allows.

Craft Site Directory - Cross Stitch

Friday, November 1st, 2013
The classic version of CraftSiteDirectory.com is back online! Every one of the more than 5000 links in this directory has been manually checked for accuracy. You won't find any broken links here! Every link in this directory has been hand selected for quality content. Choose from the categories in the right hand column to start browsing your favorite topic.

craftsitedirectory.com is not responsible for individual transactions between you and the craft sites listed here. We are merely a directory and search engine of craft sites on the Internet. However, to report a problem you have had with any individual craft site listed here, please contact us. Problem craft sites will be removed promptly.

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